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Saturday, February 22, 2003
      ( 11:11 PM ) Josie  
I never figured I'd have to worry about the 'dreaded mother-in-law'... everyone likes me. hehe, No, its not like that. But really, I'm nice.
Well, I was wrong, anyway. Pookie's mom has made it abundantly clear that I am not an approved match for her lil boy.

I'm just fortunate he chose me. Is it any wonder I love this guy? *kisses to Christopher*

We're also lucky my mother likes him. They haven't always gotten along, and things are still a little awkward at times, because he's so shy and she's so...not :) But they get along. She likes him. And she loves me, therefore...we're okay. I wish his mom would have given me a chance before hating me...but apparently I never was good enough. I had no idea she hated me until tonight. C'est la vie.

Its her choice to break ties with him...with us. Its her choice to miss her eldest son's wedding. Its her choice to miss her grandkids. I hope she can live with it.

Anyway. I love him. He loves me. End of story. Good night ;) #

      ( 3:50 PM ) Josie  
Well, may not be mine (yet)...but Silly Pink Hat is online!
Pookie and I have been feeling that 'malaise' that comes near the end of winter. When it begins to *look* all pretty and warm out, but its still waaaay too damn cold to venture out for long. It sucks. Today is a great example. Its bright and I just *want* to be outside...but I was out for awhile when I first woke up and (granted, was in my pajamas) froze my arse off in about three minutes. Bleh.
Anyway, I'm headed to Sweet Memories today, to apply for a baker's position there. HP seems to think I can do it, and he's a good reference to have ;)

Ciao! #

      ( 1:08 AM ) Josie  
I haven't blogged today. Wow. Um...not much to say...

See ya. #

Thursday, February 20, 2003
      ( 9:41 PM ) Josie  
I've always wondered why people like Spongebob Squarepants... After watching it, I still wonder.

Still...It made me giggle ;) #

      ( 7:14 PM ) Josie  
It appears that this is working. I've lost some posts though. Grr.

My latest was about the inevitability of the present overshadowing great memories. Case in point: Pookie just told me Mr. Perfect was dead. A pair of old friends and I used to love the WWF when we were in Middle School. I had just pointed out that things like death, babies, and other life-altering events prevent us from reliving those old relationships. The dynamics change. And now I'm sad. Bleh ;) #

      ( 7:08 PM ) Josie  
Okay now. Here we go again... #


Its pretty self-explanitory.

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