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All About Josie
    So, about me. I'm Josie, nearly 23 years old, a junior trying to return to CWU, a dedicated writer, an amateur web designer...and oh-so-much more. I love to laugh (often at myself). I'm in love with a great guy, and engaged to said guy (Christopher/Pookie). I love music and movies and friends and even grammar (although you'd hardly know it the way I speak and write sometimes). When I can afford to resume my college career, I'll be an English major, with Teaching Credentials. Whoo.
    For those who remember, last time I wrote a Bio-Page, I was 20 and planning to study Japanese. Well I did, and I loved it, but when my financial aid fell thru and therefore I was unable to go to Japan to study (can't be a Japanese Major unless you study there), I decided to concentrate elsewhere. I still plan to study, on my own and with non-credit classes, but it isn't my major. I also mentioned that I'd been in two plays during my High School years, but haven't done any acting since.
    This is getting windy isn't it? O'well. In any of my character sketches, you'll find familial info. This one is no different! I grew up in a smallish town in Western Washington with my Mum, Dad, and little sister. Now, after the better part of last year spent slogging away in Spokane, WA (with Pookie of course), we're back in the little town where I was studying before. Living with my fiancé, Christopher (aka Pookie), has been quite an experience. I gotta say, there is something wonderful about waking up next to someone you love.

Just The Facts, Ma'am...
Name: Josephine Childs

Sex: Female

Born: May 12 (Taurus)

Age: 23 (almost)

Height: 5'5"

Hair Color: Dark Auburn

Eye Color: Blue to Blue-Green

Sacred Possession: The engagement ring on my finger. The leather-bound copy of Les Miz. The little white teddy beat with a red satin pouch from my Dad on my 16th Birthday (in it is the tiny emerald baby-ring he bought when I was born).

Favorite Color: Blue. Though I am partial to orange, for some reason, sort of a mango color.

Favorite Food: Chicken Burgers and Curly Fries

Favorite Band: I've got tons of favorites; Amanda Marshall, 3 Doors Down, Sherrié Austin, Wild Orchid, Meredith Brooks, Leah Andreone, MatchBox 20, The Monkees, Weird And though its not a band, I love Darian O'Toole Morning Show from Spokane. *sob* I miss it so much!

Favorite Song: Um... I Could Not Ask For More is 'our' song. Of course, he prefers Sara Evans' version and I'm an Edwin McCain girl myself. ;) Who Are They To Say?, Leah Andreone remains a favorite. Anything by Amanda Marshall... Ugh, its impossible to choose. You should see my WinAmp playlist - its insane!

Pets: Juno Felicity, a little gray calico cat (she is NOT named after that WB show...oy VEY!). Zeus, a big black tomcat. Christopher picked him up outside Fred Meyer (we'd only been living together about a month) and he was just sooooo cute, I had to let him keep the kitten. Zeus (aka Whine-icus) is the most vocal cat I've ever known. We also call him Zeus-e-oh mightious (don't ask). Oh, and of course, Mom still has Bonnie, Cannabis (lil sis' cross-eyed cat...she looked stoned...the name stuck), and of course our old puppy-girl, Keiko.

Favorite Movie: Okay. This is a horrible thing to decide. I love so many movies. Instead..I'll just spit out some that I like...The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Demon Knight, Lean On Me, T2: Judgement Day, Jeffery, Sleeping Bueaty, Mulan, Last Unicorn, Sailor Moon R,S,Super S...Predator, Con Air, Face Off, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Pump Up The Volume, 10 Things I Hate About You, Shakespeare in Love, Dead Alive, The Lost Boys, Life of Brian, Meaning Of Life, Holy Grail, Gleaming The Cube, Idle Hands, Payback, Jet Li's Enforcer, Fools Rush In, Mickey Blue Eyes, and the Indiana Jones movies...that's prtty much me just reading off movies from my shelf! hehe

Most Hated Movie: The 1998 Remake of Les Miz. It sucked so hard my friend and I spent almost two hours afterward sitting in the Denny's bitching about it. No movie before has sucked *that* much. The idiot that wrote the screenplay should be dragged out into a public square and bashed over the head with a rubber chicken for hours on end....Oh yeah, this is an opinion, so if you liked the movie (even though I think you're a moron for saying so, hehe), more power to you. Every one deserves their own thoughts (even if they are stupid).

Likes: Pookie! Also, Honesty. Evidently, babbling about myself. Juno, Zeus, Sailor Moon, Writing.

Dislikes: Liars. My first Psych Professor (jerk, moron, bastard, and idiot are words that spring instantly to mind). Telemarketing/Telemarketers.