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       Frank Cooper was born at Swedish Memorial Hospital in Seattle about thirty days (premature) before his fraternal twin, Matt. In addition to Matt, Frank has an older sister named Janie who is away at college in Los Angeles. Frank is well-to-do and from an old-money family that not only helped found Trinity Cove as Missionaries in the mid-1800's, but has lived here ever since. Frank may not be the the absolute brightest crayon in the box, or the quickest car in the race, but he's got a huge romantic heart (and one helluva body *wink*). He's an all-state receiver, third wrestler in his weight class at the state level, and not a half-bad javelin/discus thrower.
His typical friends are jocks, but he and his brainier brother are close. Sarah has been his girlfriend since the second day of their freshman year. Frank is pretty easy-going, loves dogs, and someday hopes to play pro-football for the Panthers.
Name: Franklin Alexander Cooper

Sex: Male

Race: Homo Sapien

Born: November 21

Age: 18

Height: 6'4"

Hair Color: Light Blonde

Eye Color: Sparkly Blue

Appearance: Frank has blond curls, which he keeps a little longer than his coach would like. He likes loose jeans and button-down shirts, he's kind of preppy, but mostly just out to look like the hottie he is. He's fun loving and rarely serious, so his eyes smile as often as his lips do. Frank has a tendnancy to attempt to be suave, but the pawprints from Buster often ruin the look.

Weapons: Frankie bears Gaea's Topaz which allows him to access the power of Heat and Light which is harness by the Aquamarine Sword. Frank is strong, but not really vicious. He's never hunted, held a gun, or used a knife outside of a boyscouts.

Attacks: "Super Nova" "Melt (insert object, name here)" "Blind Rage"

Talisman: Frank has a pocketwatch from his grandfather that he keeps either safely in his room or on his person at all times.

Favorite Color: Dark blue

Favorite Food: Roast Chicken

Likes: Sarah, Football, The WWF and his new Chevy Cavalier

Dislikes: School, his old Buick station wagon, and WCW/NWO

Frank Cooper