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The Garcia Family
    Will was born to a wealthy, upper-class family in Trinity Cove. His father was a German lawyer based in Seattle, his mother a gyspy. His life was exactly as easy as it sounds, except for the fact that he was bi-racial and somewhat forced into his father's profession.
    Gina was just a typical youth of a small town in Eastern Washington. She went to college at CWU and became a teacher. Her first, and present, position was at Wandering River Middle School, home of the WoRMS. Her subject is Spanish and her class room is across the hall from Marlin Jenson's room. She and Will met at a town meeting concerning the addition of 50 new homes to a region of Trinity Cove known as "The Crest". He and his family had lived in the elite community for decades and was there to represent their general disdain for the idea. Gina was there to object on behalf of the school district. She believed that the addition of new homes on the ridge would put a strain on the district's transportation resources. They sat next to each other, stood up at exactly the same time to rebute a comment made by the developer and from then on they were together.
    Christian is Ro's little brother. He is tweleve years younger than Ro and his attitude is changeable. Sometimes he worships the ground she treads on, other times he harasses her mercilessly. He's as conservative as a kindergartener can be. Christian goes to a private religious school, just as Ro did until middle school, but he enjoys it much more. He was still an infant when Meré died.
    Meré's childhood is much obscured as she was a transient, rarely in the same place for any length of time. Her diary is somewhat intellgible as she wrote in a strange dialect, that Ro (who inherited the book when Meré died) cannot make out, part of the time, and the other in broken english. Her adult chronicles are much more legible as she became a well-spoken woman following her marriage to Will's father, Hugo Garcia. Her only son was Will and she loved him more than life itself. Unfortunately, he was raised under his father's strict command and she could not reveal to him her former identity and the secrets of her youth. Only to Ro did Meré teach her craft.
Name: William Hugo Garcia
    Gina Louise Torrin
    Christian Hugo Garcia
    Meréyna Usa Lengi

Sex: Male

Race: Homo-Sapien

Born: November 15th
    July 20th
    January 4th
    April 16th

Age: 47
    63 (at death)

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: Black
    Dark Brown
    Gray (at death)

Eye Color: Brown
    Pale Brown
    Grayish Blue

Appearance: Will's appearance is very staunch, professional, the upright citizen that his father was. He cannot frown anymore often, he's very serious and rarely has "fun". Will only softens around his bride, not even his children recieve the same tenderness that Gina does. His hair is short & carefully styled and he usually has his briefcase close by his side.
    Gina is a sweet, liberal-looking woman. She's actually very conservative, and has a soft, whispery voice. She smiles when teaching & when around her husband. Gina keeps herself looking fairly adult and propper, but she does have her wild side and though she and Will advocate abstinance from sex, drugs and alcohol, Gina has found herself (and Will) mixing the first element with the last, leaving the middle element to prevent her from being completely hypocritical.
    Christian is a typical 6-year-old with baby-fat and dimples. He loves to play outside and watch his Bible videos. His hair is buzz cut and his eyes are usually squinty with smiles. Love is the best thing for him to give, he loves hugglz & kisslz. He cannot understand Ro's distance from the family but loves her nonetheless.
    Meré was wild and unkempt as a child and youth. She usually had long black hair tied back in a kerchief or with a beaded scarf. Her clothes were a bit rumpled, patched, and/or dirty but following her marriage to Hugo she became an amazingly well-dressed woman of the upper-crust. She cut her hair and maintained the short length until Hugo's death, it grew untamed until her own death years later. She always wore a soft smile with mischievous gleams in her eyes that belied the three piece suits and sleek hair style.

Weapons: Was on the archery team during his undergraduate years
    She's proficient in self-defense
    Do spitwads count?
    Her estoric powers

Favorite Color: Maroon
    Canary Yellow
    Blue & Orange
    She hated to choose,"They're all so beautiful"

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Lasagne
    Nachos & Tequila Shooters
    Bubblegum Ice Cream
    She liked to fast, but afterward would gorge on red jell-o

Likes: Archery, justice, model trains
    Kids, God, and her dream trip to Central/South America
    Power Rangers, Riding Bikes, and Swimming
    Her granddaughter, her heritage, and all that surrounds her

Dislikes: Noisy children/music & violent splatter movies
    Their neighbor's dogs, their neighbor's children & the color of their neighbor's house (not to mention the neighbors themselves)
    Girls, Barney & Kids who beat him up because he likes the Power Rangers
    Not applicable

The Garcia Family