Josie's Flower Power!

 HTML Files Information

'index.html'- Layout Page
'aboutme.html'- About You Page
'home.html'- Main page (This Page)
'blank.html'- Blank page Set-up for sub-pages
'journal.html' - Journal Page
'links.html' - Links Page
'main1.css'- Main Page Style Settings Edit At Your Own Risk :)

 Included Graphics

'jl7linkbutton.jpg' - Link Back Button
'jl7splash.jpg' - Optional Splash Graphic 'spacer.gif' - Spacer
All other graphics belong to the layout

 Usage & Editing

To use: Unzip to a single directory and upload to your own server!
To edit main page: Either use blank.html to start from scratch, or open home.html and edit from this.
When you're editing the links section, make sure to set the target to 'main' so they show up in this section. Or, if they need to open on a new page, set target to 'new'.
Example: <a href="link.html" target=main>

For info about changing the style sheets (main.css), check out HTML
The font used is Porky's.


This layout is linkware! If you decide to use it, you must provide credit and link back to me. Its courtesy. Preferably, on the page you use the layout, but I'm not a stickler! I'd also appreciate an e-mail so I can check out your page, but again, not required for use!
I'd like to thank Lycentia for the general layout of this information page, Dynamic Drive for the scrolling script, and Pookie for putting up with me while I burn midnight oil making silly webgraphics!

You can use this to link to me!

Layout By Josie