As Yet, Unknown!

 Welcome to As Yet, Unknown

   This little corner of the web is Josie's (new) home on the web. Two years on hiatus has given me a new outlook on many things and I just can't wait to get this new site up and running! There will be tons of new things, and maybe a few of the old ones (with a bit of refreshment, natch). All comments and suggestions are welcome, and encouraged, so let me know what you think!

 What's Here?

   Bringing many of the goodies from the old site 'Sweet Tangerine's Garden' as well as a slew of new ones, I'll be creating and posting new graphics for free use (with a link of course).
   The main attraction - at least for me - will be the library. I've got some great new short stories, a few crazy 'fan-fics' featuring my friends, and of course, snippets and info for my upcoming projects.
   Speaking of those projects, there will be character sketches, a synopsis, some of my sketches, and all the latest info about the status of the project. So look out for the additions of all that jazz!
   Oh yeah! And wallpapers. Because I adore making wallpapers. Oooh, and probably start-up, shut-down logos. Plus, links to the *shudder* Old Site, and the Dragonflame Screenshots.


03/17/2003 ~*~ Yet another one. SPH updated too.
03/17/2003 ~*~ Another new layout uploaded.
03/15/2003 ~*~ SPH is updated!
03/13/2003 ~*~ New Layout is up!
03/08/2003 ~*~ Second and Third Layout up
03/07/2003 ~*~ Tiles are up in Graphics
03/05/2003 ~*~ First Layout is up in Graphics
02/26/2003 ~*~ Library is up! More Coming Soon!
02/22/2003 ~*~ Official layout takes effect. More working!
02/20/2003 ~*~ Burning midnight oil. Several pages up!
02/19/2003 ~*~ New Layout. Not much is working yet.
    Give me a day or two ;)


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