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The Jenson Family
    Classic tale...upper crust prepster, groomed to take over her father's advertising agency graduates from Yale following a lifetime of city hopping on the East Coast and receives a month long trip for a gift. Lorrie was asked to choose any region on the globe to visit and surprised her family by choosing Seattle over the Virgin Islands or Hawaii. She said the Pacific Northwest had always attracted her and it would be a good way to "network". Marlin, however, was a typical middle-class working stiff. He'd earned his bachelor's degree and entered the work force as a teacher. It was as he relaxed with his friends on the beach at Ocean Shores that a gorgeous blond rode a horse down the waterline. She hardly glanced at the trio as she passed the first time, but on her way back something spooked her horse and the next thing Marlin knew that pretty blond had landed in a heap on his lap...a few bruises and a stiff drink later Lorrie and Marlin were best friends. Lorrie never returned to her father's HQ (although she did open a West Coast branch a few years later).
Having been married about three years, Lorrie became pregnant with their daughter Sarah and as her agency took off Marlin left the district to stay with the baby. Eventually he joined her agency as a personal assistant and together they grew into one of the largest agencies in the Pacific Northwest.
Name: Lorraina Lynn Bower-Jenson
    Marlin Louis Jenson

Sex: Female

Race: Homo-Sapien

Born: November 29th
    February 14th

Age: 45

Height: 5'9

Hair Color: Golden Curls
    Bald on top, reddish brown curls around the back of his head

Eye Color: Cornflower Blue
    Shy Gray

Appearance: Lorrie has a confident attitude that exudes professionality and intelligence as well as a natural beauty. She can be too busy for her daughter, but she never looks harried. Her hair is currently currently short, but she would like to grow it out again. She typically wears conservative jewelery and clothes, but can be wild and crazy...just like her youthful days (something she's worked hard to make sure Sarah never does).
    Marlin is a little bit submissive to his successful bride, and has a slouchy posture, but he's not a bad looking man. He was a very handsome teenager with a crop of chestnut curls that brushed his blue-collar. He too is a very busy guy, but gave up his love of teaching for his family. He smiles a lot and has crinkles around his eyes as well as dimples at the corners of his mouth. Marlin was never especially crazy, but his strong Christian upbringing helps him keep Sarah in line.

Weapons: Lorrie used to be a fair shot with a rifle, she and her uncle would practice on his farm during summers spent in Georgia. She hasn't shot in years and has no other defensive skills.
    Marlin hates guns, weapons in general. His brother was a sure-shot and even as he was wracked with cancer, Walter made sure to keep up with his shooting practices. After his death he left two pearl-handled revolvers to Marlin that had belonged to their grandmother. Marlin usually keeps them in a locked box in the basement.

Attacks: n/a

Talismen: Lorrie holds dearest to her heart a cheap vending machine ring Marlin gave her the day they met.
    Marlin has a thin gold chain, also left to him by his brother, Walter, that he wears around his neck at all times.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Caesar Salad
    Raw Tomatoes with a sprinkle of salt.

Likes: Her job, Horses
    Teaching, reading, God

Dislikes: Television, Sarah's disobedience & wild streak.
    Violence, Snakes

Marlin & Lorrie