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The Martial Pioneers
    Mars grew up in conservative sector of the Loia Military Community. She studied the finest arts of war and fighting, strategy and combat. Her father was an officer, decorated in service many times; her mother also a skilled warrior, though in the field of aviation. Throughout her youth, Mars traveled to every point of Loia, and many places across the LUP. She is passionate in many respects (as I'm sure her numerous lovers in the LUP would testify), especially in matters close to her heart; Saul, her people, her causes. Mars has trouble believing in the higher powers that Kryssians find themselves so ingrained with. She met Saul in Kryss, working on her graduate degree at a college thriving with interesting new people (which was the opposite of the staunchy old-fashioned military academy she'd attended until this point). In many ways Mars' race is different, culturally, from the others as the female is typically the "dominant" member of the union, taking her mother's family name to be the shared family name of both parties.
    Saul was born to a single mother on Loia and raised in a house with his abandoned cousin, Sheirl. His mother, Rora, was a fond, doting woman and she taught him the "New-Age" type skills such as meditation that would in the future be put to use in the creation & defense of his planet, Mars. Saul learned most of his fighting skills from Mars, whom he met as he studied philosophy at Kryss University. He is a peaceful, honorable man and prefers to do no harm to anyone or thing (though when out). Saul believes in a higher power, one or many he is not certain, but he knows in his heart that Mars and he was destined to be, created for each other by this power and that nothing will ever separate them. This arguement is the only one that sways Mars into agreement.
Name: Malinai Mars
.........Malinai-Isi Saul

Sex: Female

Race: Rosoa (red-skinned, black haired, black-eyed. Very similar to Humans in appearance. Tend towards war & fighting for no apparant reasons.)

Born: Lai 8th (13 Month Calander, equal to March)
.........Iri 19th (13 Month Calandar, equal to August)

Age: 25

Height: 6'1"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Appearance: Mars wears easy-to-move-in suits of dark colors such as purple or green. Her hair is braided in a traditional style from the left side of her head (from ear to ear) across the top of her skull and down the right side, hanging to her shoulder and beyond. Mars is a very serious woman, but in the dark of night she is tender and loving. Saul is the only person whom she feels is worthy of her every waking thought.
.........Saul appears to be more laid back than his bride, though he is just as dedicated to her as she is to him. His hair is long and fine, braided on either side of his face and hanging straight down. He is honorable to a fault and when he smiles, as Gaea has said, "The entire universe is alight with the sheer beauty of his soul".

Weapons: Mars' favorite weapon is a pair of daggers though she also possess three of her planet's four crystals; Life & Soul around her neck and a pair of earrings made of Wind & Water and Flora & Terrain.
.........Saul is proficient with a long sword, as well as several other weapons. He carries the Fire & Ice crystal on a choker around his neck.

Attacks: Mars uses no verbal attacks in TED; UIH, however she is capable of bringing forth the devastating elements of her planet (will be seen in the novel concerning their history).
........."T'so sate rhodan. T'so sate rhodan. T'so sate Lopansi!" (chanted in his native tongue this calls for a pair (or more if he repeats the phrase) of flaming spheres to consume the enemy. When the rhodan is changed to ghoran the attack changes to icey cages).

Talismen: The beautiful choker Saul gave to her on their wedding day, it was altered when as they created the planet and in the center of the band hangs her crystal of Life & Soul.
.........The choker Mars gave him on their wedding day, his too was altered and now bears the crystal of Fire & Ice.

Favorite Color: Silver
.........Maroon or Burgandy.

Favorite Food: A dish similar to Chicken Vindaloo called Pilin Saca.
.........A dish similar to an extra-spicy Mutton Vindaloo called Pilin Goroga.

Likes: Saul, her people, justice

Dislikes: Iren, Jupisa & the death that has ruined their planet.
.........see above

The Malinais