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    Matt Cooper has born at Swedish Memorial Hospital in Seattle thirty days after his premature fraternal twin, Frank. He's one of the smartest guys at Travelor High School, the ASB VP Class President, and a future President of the United States of America...or so he hopes. He runs cross country in the fall, is a member of Knowledge Bowl the rest of the year and he works summers for an Ice Cream Truck Company. Matt lives with his mother, father, brother and four dogs. He has an older sister named, Janie. His family has been around Trinity Cove since before it was an actual town. They own much of the Valley's property & old hometown businesses.
Matt's best friends are funny, sarcastic and intelligent. His best friend is Frank, but he and the junior, Kel Jones, are pretty good friends as well. He loves his four labradors, Kahlua, Brandy, Schnapps, and Rummy. Matt's life was more mundane than anything until he fell for a girl named Grace...
Name: Matthew James Cooper

Sex: Male

Race: Homo Sapien

Born: December 22

Age: 18

Height: 6'2"

Hair Color: Dark Blondish-Brown

Eye Color: Green

Appearance: Matt is a cutie, with bright green eyes and soft brownish hair that is longish, especially in front where it tends to hang in his eyes. He's got a crooked half-smile and dimples that the girls seem to find irresistable, but he's a serious brain and doesn't go for short term flings, at least not since he's met Grace.

Weapons: Matt wears Gaea's Golden Beryl which allows him, using the Garnet Sword, to harness the power of the physical elements.

Attacks: "Mercury Transport" "Silver Bullet"

Talisman: Matt has a small gold cross given to him by his mother when he was born.

Favorite Color: Electric Blue

Favorite Food: Chicken burgers & fries

Likes: Reading, politics, being able to turn into a puddle of mercury

Dislikes: Low riding toy trucks, math, the term "chick flick"

Matt Cooper