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The Doctor
    Merkus was born as the youngest of five children, all boys, all at least ten years older than he. His father, his grandfather, each of his brothers, their sons, in fact, every male in his bloodline for at least three generations, had been a doctor. Certainly, he was skilled, and had an interest in the subject matter, but his true love was not of medicine, it was of abstract science, experimental ideas, new theories. He did what was right by his family, and entered the pre-med program during what for normal teenagers was his high school period. By the time his friends, Humin Gaea, and Venus Bati, made it to Kryss University he'd already whizzed through their entire MD schedule and was finally taking a bit of time to study his favorite subject. Merkus was in the science department when the news came out, that there was this mysterious mission available, and he desperately wished he could go. When no one had decided to lead the party Merkus began to formulate a plan...but first he must get past his father. The night before he began posting his signs and collecting his collegues Merkus sat his parents down at the dining room table and presented his ideas to them. In response his mother burst into tears, his father threatened to disown him if he were to "act upon this ludicrous fantasy!", and Merkus simply packed his things and left home, never to see his family again.
Name: Dr. Merkus Faragon

Sex: Male

Race: Haptern (they are covered in fur, but are humanoid)

Born: Fino 4th

Age: 22

Height: 5'7"

Hair Color:Pale Brown

Eye Color: Black

Appearance:Merkus isn't the most stylish of people. Plain pants in plain colors with white work shirts, sometimes a white jacket, usually he wears a Doctor's headband that was modified after he moved to Mercury. He has a longish beard and wears thin rimmed glasses. He is worried a lot of the time on Jupiter and rarely seems to smile. His only reason to get all gussied up is if he shall see Bati anytime soon as she, like abstract science, is his secret passion.

Weapons: Merkus isn't much of a fighter. He has a wand on which he carries his F/I, W/W, and T/F crystals, as well as a bit of the Life/Soul crystal. His headband is encrusted with the rest of the L/S.

Attacks: Merkus doesn't use any in TED; UIH, however his biggest capabilities are in the realm of healing.

Talisman: The traditional doctor's headwear that was passed from his father onto him (because as the youngest he would inherit little or no assets from his family).

Favorite Color: Pale Blue

Favorite Food: Frozen sugar-milk

Likes: Bati, abstract science, eating

Dislikes: Closed mindedness, Iren

Dr. Merkus Faragon