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The D*v*l's Daughter
       Though she is known by dozens of names and faces, Pyrathe is the only true identity of the one known as TDD (* see note). This novel is a tale of good and evil. It is a tale of humanity, love, eternity, and hate. From the filthy streets of a metropolis to quiet suburbia and beyond; Pyrathe's influence is felt.

I walk down a filth ridden street on human legs. I smile at a passing pedestrian with human features. I wear human clothes on a human form. But I am not human.
~Pyrathe, Introduction

       I began this novel when I was in eighth grade. The last time I edited the parts I had written was my sophomore year in high school. Let's see, that was about 1996. Possibly earlier. So, needless to say, it will be completely revamped. The reason I stopped work on it was that I felt my writing style was not developed enough to make the statement I envisioned in the way I wanted. Hopefully, the past seven (omg, SEVEN?! Where'd the time go?) years have found my voice more mature and ready to my brain ready to give birth to this tale.
       Anyway, my current project is Madaya, so unfortunately TDD will have to wait awhile longer. But, as time permits, I will be posting some old information, any new updates, as well as character sketches and the drawings I've done of said characters.

Misc. Information

(*=T.D.D is the abbrieviation I use instead of spelling out the title. There are certain people who see that word and automatically assume I worship that way or something. Well, I don't. Its fiction. Please, before you scribble out a flame, keep in mind that this is fiction. If you don't wanna read about the book, check out one of my other projects.)