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The Valedictorian
       Rowena was born in Seattle, Washington, about forty miles west of Trinity Cove. Her father, William, was a lawyer in the city, her mother, Gina, a teacher. When Gina became pregnant with Ro's only sibling, Christian, she insisted that they move their family to the suburbs. Ro's family has always been strict and conservative, well her parents are. Her grandmother, Meré, has been her favorite person since she was born. Meré was a gypsy as a child, until she met her husband, Hugo Garcia, and she taught Ro all she knew of the estoric arts. A sacred secret between the two was Meré's "gypsy promise". It is an unbreakable bond between them. Ro takes all promises seriously, but the gypsy promise is sacred above all else. Ro's parents do not understand the closeness that Ro's education wrought between the girl & her grandmother.
As for friends outside TED, Ro's pals are often called "gangbangers" and she's lumped in with them as the "Mexican Mafia" in Trinity Cove's youth culture. Ro is really the anti-gang member. She's an honor student, a very quiet, reflective girl from the upper crust. Her life is pretty normal, aside rom the gypsy part, until she takes an alternate route home, following a club meeting, through the park one strangely windy afternoon...
Name:Rowena Elizabeth Garcia
Sex: Female
Race: Homo Sapien
Born: September 22
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Appearance: Ro has hair that reaches her rear and its mostly straight. She doesn't like to pull her hair up, back, or anything. Her face is very beautiful, though somewhat understated. She only wears muted eyeshadows and lipsticks. Ro's clothes however might be described as the opposite of muted. She loves bright colors, sexy dresses, the retro-look (especially flares) and platform shoes. Ro smiles without showing her teeth, blushes easily, and is incredibly passionate.
Weapons: Ro is the bearer of Gaea's Sapphire and carries the Pearl Wand with which she can harness the elements of Wind and Water when in her Mana form. Ro has never handled a gun or blade, but she is small, quick, and strong and perhaps her brain is her most powerful weapon.
Attacks: : "Hurricane, Rage, Strike" "Wind Propeller" "Hurricane Surround" "Tornado Envelop" ..........."Termination" - W/W part=Fierce cutting winds & rain
Talisman: Meré gave Rowena her wedding ring on her deathbed.
Favorite Color: Bright Yellow
Favorite Food: Linguini Al Fredo
Likes: Dancing, Shopping, Meré
Dislikes: Close mindedness, broken promises.
Ro Garcia