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The Bitch
       Teya grew up in Portsmouth, a branch of Trinity Cove, the "wrong" side of the tracks. Its the poorest section of the town. Tey's family is a bit strange, and though at times she loathes them, they are her family and she knows she loves them. Her mother, Irene Mizuno, is half-Japanese, and her family was lower class. Irene met a man, Jimmy Litke and it was love at first sight. Jimmy was Mercer Island, and very well-off. When he announced that he intended to marry Irene, his family disowned him. Jimmy, for the first time in his life, took a job and worked constantly to provide for his bride. But, before too long he realized that he was going no where in his job and so he joined the military because it was a career. Irene became pregant in their third year of marriage and, eight months into the pregnancy, while away in Africa, Jimmy was killed in a riot. A young widow with a child on the way, Irene found work difficult to come by, and fought to make ends meet. It wasn't long before her landlord, who'd taken pity on she and Tey for several years, was forced to sell her building and the new owners weren't as lenient. Irene, penniless and living from day to day, met and married a divorced man with a son of his own. James Ward, and his son Arnie, who was a few weeks older than Teya, were a decent match. Tey and Arnie grew up together, the best of friends. As the years passed, Irene and James had two more children, Minako and Piko.
Tey was a semi-violent adolscent and though by High School her family's financial situation had improved greatly, they still lived on the out-skirts of Porthsmouth. Tey attends Travelor High School with the other Defenders, and has been suspended a number of times for fighting. Tey lost her best friend, Arnie Ward, when she was thirteen, and didn't have many others until the day she took a shortcut through the park to bring her little brother his bat for little league...
Name:Teya Elizabeth Litke
Sex: Female
Race: Homo Sapien
Born: October 15th
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: A shock of red hair which she typically keeps quite short.
Eye Color: Vivid Green
Appearance: Teya is comfortable. She's infamous for her t-shirt that simply reads "Fitch" across the front...mostly because she's known for being a word that rhymes with Fitch ;) She loves jeans, you'll rarely see her in a dress, though sometimes she has to admit its fun to "play dress-up". Drawstring cargo pants are also a favorite. Comfort and ease is her motto; no make-up, no layering of clothes..just the basics.
Weapons: As the bearer of Gaea's Ruby she carries the Opal Staff which allows her to access the powers of Fire and Ice.
Attacks: :"Freeze !" "Burn !" "Flame Ball" "Frost" ............"Destruction" - F/I part; Fire boiling below and flames on the wind
Talisman: Tey keeps her Father's dogtags around her neck, and later retains Gelbin's bracelet and a ring from Tristan
Favorite Color: Dark Green
Favorite Food: Cheese and Pineapple Pizza
Likes: Tristan Kenedias, Musicals
Dislikes: People in General, whining, crying

Tey Litke