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The "Unnamed" Project
      The Acatnusat destroyed civilization two thousand years ago. Speckled across the planet's inhabitable land, various tribes begin to rebuild and rediscover. This is the tale of a small band of people, forced from their homelands by events beyond their control. Now they must strike out, searching for a place to belong. Their destination? A legendary valley of eternal beauty where the Spirits walk the land and all Sun-ma's Children are welcome.

Where are we going? That is a good question... We will go North. The old Shaman, Tulai-ma, told us of The Valley. Remember? She said it was beyond the City of the Sky. We can go there. All of Sun-ma's Children are welcome there... Yes, that is our destination. The Valley of Sun-ma.
~*~ Excerpt from 'The Unnamed Project'

      A little background info. I write to entertain myself. I write because I love it. Maybe I won't sell any of my 'projects', but that isn't the point. I write for me.
      Having said that, here's the dirt on 'TUP'. It was originally a really stupid fantasy short story I wrote when I was eight or so. Twenty pages of drivel. But sorta cute in retrospect. There were fairies and witches. It was called 'The Valley of the Golden Lily' and I was very proud of it. Oh how times have changed. Since then, there have been several dozen drafts. The latest I was preparing for a Creative Writing class in High School. I've spent so much time researching and making notes to make the world the group traverses feel real...feel alive. But, again, my current project is Madaya. Nonetheless, check back here occasionally. There will be information on characters and excerpts.