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The War Continues...

       This is a scene from Chapter Ten of TED III: Infinity. It is an account of one incident in the war between The KRG and Khyronian Armies. Here the brutality of the battle can be seen and Saturnia's reaction to the events is also apparent.

       Chapter Ten

       Hundreds of heavy boots thundered across the ruins of a playground on the thriving Saturnian landscape. Faceless, nameless beings of various races moved as one, their weapons readied, their goal cemented. There was a nest within the shell of this decrepit school; the enemy bid its time inside, licking its wounds like the coward it must be. Silent, intense gazes and gestures signaled the directions each unit should follow. A young woman, in charge of an experienced platoon motioned for her men to move to the far end of the building and wait. It was surrounded. She raised her eyes, deep violet, observing her backup as it decimated this deserted playground in the name of Ionar and the KRG. Orange tufts of hair had dislodged themselves from underneath her headpiece and fell across her face. Her daughter had played on this very cement yard a mere two weeks ago. Already it was smeared with the blood of war.
       The solider jerked her head in the direction of the nearest door and her squadron move toward it. Fearlessly, she planeted one swift kick into the wooden door; it splintered, but remained closed. Once more she lashed out with her foot and this time the door was flung wide. She was cautious now, as she peeked her helmet-clad head through the opening. Silence spewed forther eerily, only the dust in the dim light was visible. A warning was shouted into her ear-communitcat but it was too late. The woman had taken a full step into the building and turned. Frozen, she could only watch as a barrage of bullets were launched at her squad.
       "Retreat!" she screamed. Lasers pierced her armor immediately; burning through her flesh. Tears spilled from her already dead eyes as her battered body dropped to its knees, then to her stomach. Violet eyes stared unseeing, unblinking.
       From the darkess, perched in gaps in the ceiling, dozen of Khyronian soliders leapt to the floor, firing the weapons in a flood of death. The KRG warriots scrambled to return fire, to escape; they were unprepared for such resistance. One youth, barely old enough to enlist, ducked into a corner, gasping for air through his own tears and the spray of blood from his friends. As suddenly as the attacked had come, it ended. The boy held his breath, blinking rapidly to clear his sight. A strong arm reached down and pulled him to his feet. He grit his teeth, trying to appear tough. The large warrior, his face obscured by a thick mask, pressed a hand-laser to his chin and said something gruffly in a foreign language.
       "G'vaupt! Hold Lieutentant!"
       His eyes moved from the man to the source of the voice that had spoken his language. A familiar face appeared within the shadows and ripped the gun from the solder's hand.
       "Are you alright boy?"
       He tried to nod, but the grip on his neck prevented it.
       "Are you alright boy?" she repeated.
       "Yes,"the solider tossed him away. "Yes, please, let me go."
       Angrily, she barked out another command in the same strange tongue he'd heard the man speaking. He was bound and carried away, struggling futily against the ironclad hands of the enemy. The Commander stalked away from the scene of the massacre. Her booted feet were drenched with the blood of a hundred Saturnian soldiers, her kinsmen. She could see the angry face of her father, her mother, her husband, in the stoney faces of the dead. They stared up her, those who still had their heads intact that was, with lifeless gazes. She closed her eyes, no amount of training could have prepared her for the horrors of battle. Nia remembered Mars' stories about war, its glories. She had read those passionate words and thought that one day she too would be a great warrior. As she tripped over the disembodied limbs of her own troops, Saturnia regretted having ever identified with Mars. It it were not for the vow she had made to Jovia, she would have ended the war immediately, even if it meant surrender.