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Young Love
       This is the 7th Chapter of TED III: Infinity. Ahh, young love. Matt and Grace - he thinking about her and their relationship, she making the best of a dull party - together at a Halloween celebration spot an incoming Khyronian craft and consider what it means.

Chapter Seven

       Matt sat on the hood of his car with Grace on a Saturday night. Watching the weird lights in the sky above, he could not help but experience uneasiness. Could they have- A war? I- Grace caught him off guard with a soft kiss.
       "Don't think about it tonight Matt, we can't help them out there. Only if they come here."
       That didn't sound like Grace, he shook his head. Perhaps she had missed him as much as he had missed her. Matt knew early on in the evening that he wanted to spent every possible second in her presence; to make up for the lack of time they'd been able to share in the past month. But how had she known what he was thinking? He shook his head, squeezing her hand. Whatever the case, he was glad to have her only inches away. He had never considered how difficult it would be to maintain a long distance relationship, and wished he'd simply gone to Seattle with his brother and friends. There were good-looking, intelligent, funny girls everywhere he looked, and many had already given him chase. Matt looked at Grace silently, the exotic facepaint and generous glitter only serving to make her more beautiful. She was dressed as, of all things, a faerie; her wings fluttering softly in the chilly Halloween breeze. For all the girls in his dorm, at his school, who had approached him, not even one had close to eclipsing the- friendship he had found in Grace. She would listen to everything he had to say, she would answer honestly, anything he asked. Grace was not demanding, not high maintanece like so many of the girls he'd known. Like Sarah for one. Matt had watched Frank cater to her every whim for nearly five years now; he knew he could never have that sort of relationship for himself.
       I don't believe in young love, he thought, his eyes trailing to Grace's face as she smiled down at one of the other party-goers. I don't believe in finding the one, let lone this young. In making decision that will sew-up my whole life before I even get a chance to live it. But as he watched his girlfriend drop from the car and head into the crowd, dancing, he knew that all the things he believed in were being overshadowed by this feeling. I'm not going to label it. Its too clichéd, its too soon. I'm not going to say that this love.
       Matt was staring into the stars absently when he dropped his drink and blinked in surprised. There was a soft gray light speeding toward him. He jumped off the hood of the car and pushed his way into the writhing crowd,"Grace!"
       She turned, a smile on her face and cocked her head at his desperate expression. He lifted a single finger to the sky, "We have to go!" In seconds they were in his car, racing away from the party.
       "They might understand you know. If whomever that is-"
       "Its Khyronian Grace. Maybe they need our help. An intergalactic war will not go over well with the party crowd, okay? The public may have come to terms with us and our little fairy tale, but will they do the same if they knew about the war above?"
       Her gray eyes dropped briefly and the exquisitely great mood she had been in dimmed. "No. I wonder what happened up there."
       Matt leaned close to his window and watched the descending craft as it followed him. "They're looking for us apparently, they've come down and are trailing us."
       "So? Pull over. There's no one out here tonight. If they are from Khyron, they're allies of Karena and Nia, and we can trust them. Jovia said-"
       "Nothing. Nothing that we know of that legend is guaranteed to be accurate,"he braked, pulling into a large, empty parking lot to await the arrival. Grace and he stood outside his car, costumed but not transformed. She insisted that they could trust the Khyronians and did not need to provoke a messenger by being in war-mode. He was skeptical, as always.