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Saturday, March 15, 2003
      ( 1:51 AM ) Josie  
Well poop.

I interviewed. I think it went pretty well. But he's talked to lots of people (which is expected considering the state of the economy combined with the fact that this is a tiny town with few jobs at all and those facts are compounded by the sheer number of people in the county desperate for work). I'm not getting my hopes up, but I really hope he hires me. I am beginning to hate this town that once, I loved so dearly.

The point of this post was to complain about the problem I'm having finding those 'fonts' that are frames/nav/layout thingies.
C'est la vie, I'm going to bed.

~Josie #

Friday, March 14, 2003
      ( 4:04 PM ) Josie  
Okay okay okay okay!!!!

I've got an interview in 20 minutes! I am so psyched! Its not my dream job or anything, but God oh God, I hope he hires me. I just NEED to be working again. God, do I need to be working again. I hate not working!!!!

Wish me luck,
Josie #

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
      ( 12:58 AM ) Josie  
I still hate the layout. But its better than before. Someday, when I get my own domain, I'll go back to diaryland, where at least its EASY to update and change the template. I have never had so much trouble. I click save and when I refresh, its all gone.

~Josie #

      ( 12:28 AM ) Josie  
New look. I wasn't fond of the inability to link directly to the old blog. Let's see if it works. #

      ( 12:15 AM ) Josie  
Off my soapbox for a quickie.
Weightloss blows when you're working hard and not seeing results.
But, on the upside, I've done some great stuff with my sites and I've got other great things in mind! Yay!

~Josie #

Monday, March 10, 2003
      ( 12:29 AM ) Josie  
Okay, two things.

1) Cover The Uninsured Week. I'm totally for universal health care. I pay taxes, I deserve medical care too. And frankly, yes, I would pay more taxes to get free health care.

2) If Brian inseminates Melanie, I will be shocked. Its great that Lindsay and Mel want the same father for Gus' sibling, Brian? Again? Ted and Emmett are sweet but...overdone. I am having a lot of trouble liking Mikey this season, and he used to be my favorite QaF character. You'd think that after two amazing, great men like David and Ben, Mikey would GET OVER that jerk Brian. But still, he ruins his relationships over Brian. Grrr. Lindsay and Mel are great, and I think having a second baby, especially since its Mel this time, would be nice. Who is left? Oh yeah, Justin. I really really find his new boyfriend gross and slimy looking. But I'm in the minority. I do however, adore Justin's new hair (even though its odd he went to bed with short hair and woke up with long...damn season breaks *wink*). Oh, and Debbie. But she's always great. I can't wait to see Emmett and Ted teaching her the art of fellatio next week. Maybe I'll pick up some tips, LOL.

I haven't gotten any complaints, and I sure as hell don't mind that he'd rather make love than get a blowjob, but'd be nice to be fantastic at something ;) Other than kissing, I think I'm a good kisser. Then again...Pookie, am I? He says yes. I think he's lying ;P lol.

Night night.
~JoC. #

Sunday, March 09, 2003
      ( 12:09 PM ) Josie  
Wow, I've spent a lot of time on the sites the past couple of days. I updated 'Allez Cuisine', 'Meant To Be', and 'Picture It..' on Silly Pink Hat. I also updated the graphics section of AYU. I'm very proud of the layouts, they're so fun to make! I've got some new ideas I'm going to try out today, including one on on my Amanda Marshall page.
I get to go to Happy Potato's house tonight to watch Queer as Folk, yay. It looks like our tradition will continue (we've been watching it together every Sunday since about 9 episodes into the first season). I wish I could have gone to spend time with him this week, to play Xenosaga (its getting amazingly high praise from him, and he's SO critical of games we've been anticipating for any length of time). But Pookie's been very possessive lately. I don't know why he's so threatened by HP, but...c'est la vie. He'll get over it. I'm hoping that maybe Wednesday or so, I'll be able to chilll with all day =) I miss him soooo much... *sigh*

Off to waste more time on my sites! #


Its pretty self-explanitory.

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