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   Thursday, March 20, 2003  
I cannot say I am fully pro-war...because I hate war. Its so pointless. But I have to admit, I am glad someone finally got the balls up to go get rid of this bastard. He's had twelve damn years to disarm, and instead he's been building his web of bullshit. I cannot believe the UN thought a police of appeasement would work with him, how blind are they?

Still. I spent a lot of time with army guys in my party days...and I met even more while living in Spokane (well, mostly wives and husbands of Air Force soldiers who worked at Dakota with me)...I don't like the idea that some of them will die because the world let a dictator like Saddam stay in power so long. Have you ever read about the horrendous things he and his regime have done to Iraqis? The torture they've inflicted? Pookie read me an article on his son a few weeks ago, and you would not believe the disgusting things... Its awful. And that's putting it lightly.

I don't understand why some men/women/whatever feel the need to hold power over others in that way. Why do they need to kill, maim, torture, opress...just to feed their own egos? I don't, and never have, believed in pure evil (or pure good), but sometimes this world makes me wonder. How can so many people have just ignored all of the horrible things that were going on? How can we all just ignore all the horrible things that are going our own backyards?

I'm rambling. I hate war, but I do think its necessary to get rid of men like Saddam. So I back Bush in his decision. And I back Blair for standing up to what he knew was right, despite danger to his political career. I am not a religious girl (I call it Spiritual), but I am praying for the safety of the men and women who are fighting, as generations of Americans have before, for freedom. Not selfishly, for our own freedom, but for that of a people thousands of miles away who cannot find freedom themselves. I am getting all sappy here, but honestly, I appreciate on a very personal level the sacrifices these 'heroes' make and if I hadn't been so morbidly obese when I graduated High School, I may have joined up myself...

To Donny, one of my best friends growing up, who is in Kuwait as we speak.
To Evie's dear Duck...who is currently is Korea and has had several scares in recent months. all those nameless soldiers serving to rid the world of Saddam...

Thank you.


   posted by Josie at 10:38 PM  
I did finally get rid of the "again" at the end of my title. That was an error when I changed from the old version of MR&BC to this back in February.

Plus, I added my "craving", my "love" and my "taurus" button. I'm just a nerd looking for places to belong, eh? ;P

   posted by Josie at 9:03 PM  
Well, here is another trial layout. I am having a bitch of a time using the ones I've downloaded, and worse time using ones I've created my damn self. So here's a bland, but efficient version. And its blue... I love blue.

I still haven't heard back about my interview. Guess I gotta call 'em in the morning. Crap.

Joyce wants me to go with her and 'the girls' (my Mother's friends!) to the pool in the a.m. for water aerobics. Could be interesting. My legs were tired this morning so I skipped my walk, but I figured I'll walk twice tomorrow. O'well, I think I'll go back to wasting time on my sites (the Space Dweebs section is up now).

Love and kisses,

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Well, I gave in to temptation and picked up an imood indicator. I just find them cute. Sue me.
I can't wait to get my own domain (hopefully by summer), so I can join some of the cliques. I've found. Grr.


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   Tuesday, March 18, 2003  
You know what's f'd up? I just checked my guestbook, on a whim. I was so psyched to see that someone had signed it! 'Mindy' asked me to check out her website. I did. I got an 'adult' site.


That just pisses me off. But what can I do but delete the entry and ignore it, but DAMN. Do these people really have nothing better to do than waste webspace and MY time by subjecting me to their BS? Grr. I don't go around to their nasty (my personal opinion) sites and advertise mine :P

Anyway, off the soapbox.


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   Monday, March 17, 2003  

Or some other such phrase of joy! I have a second interview tomorrow, so that's awesome! I am crossing my fingers and toes and eyes and um...everything else!

In other news, it looks like we're going to war. I don't know if anyone wasn't expecting it, but it was very odd to actually hear the ultimatum coming out of Bush's mouth. 48 hours. Damn.

Also, I caught the Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal tonight. Pookie and I had heard about Michael Larson's scam, but never seen the footage (well, apparently it didn't air for 19 years, so that's to be expected ;P). It was amazing, what he managed to do, but still... Its a pity though, he ended the way he did. C'est la vie.

(P.S. I updated my other blog...the weightloss one. Its at, if you're curious).

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Pookie and I have been wasting time playing Dynasty Warriors 3 the past few days. Its entertaining, all the yelling obscenities at the television (and occasionally each other). I just found out DW4 is due out in like, a week. I'm psyched. When DW3 came out Tim and I played it (with cheat codes, natch) for weeks. Pookie hates cheat codes, so we're forced to go thru each stage over and over to power up enough to survive. Still, its nice to do something with him. Most of the time we are together, but doing separate things. C'est la vie.

Xiahou Dun rocks, by the way. He's my dude.


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